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Making Your Property Looking Clean and Neat

Ensure you have the most impressive-looking property on the block when you turn to Patriot Specialty Services. All throughout Louisville, Kentucky, and the surrounding areas, people trust us for landscaping and lawn maintenance services. We offer a variety of products to help you maintain the overall condition of your yard. When we come out to your property, we treat it as if it were our own and treat our customers how we want to be treated.


Highlight areas on your property that you want to stand out. We work to model your home and professional landscape. Enhance your property with our selection of evergreen plants, perennials, and several other flowers and plants. We also provide accent lighting to create focal points for your location.

We offer irrigation installation and maintenance as well. Each irrigation design is customized, depending on the size of the lawn. Once it's installed, we provide yearly and during-the-winter system charging to add environmental agents to protect from freezing. Trust us for complete landscaping designs, which include:

• New Landscape Beds
• Installations
• Edging
• Horticultural Designs Services
• Mulching
• Planting Custom Hardscapes
• Waterscapes
• Lighting

Landscaping Services

Lawn Care

Increase the curb appeal of your home by having us maintain your property. We offer lawn cutting, trimming, and edging with each service. To keep your grass healthy, we provide fertilization, which comes from a quality source. With our pest and grub control service, your children and pets will stay safe. All of our own equipment is used to service your property as well. We haul out all the trimming from start to finish, unless you request it to be done differently.


Enhance the overall appearance of your property with our professional hardscaping services. We provide hardscape installations such as retailing walls, natural step stones, and natural stone walls. When we work on the concept to finish, we work with clients every step of the way. All of our designs and concepts will be approved by you to ensure it comes out exactly how you envisioned it. We provide a full 3D rendering through Landscape Pro, using actual images of your property. With it, we manipulate the images to get the exact design concept once the hardscaping is complete.

Snow Removal Services


Make your backyard more tranquil by adding some relaxing waterscape designs. Many of our popular waterscape requests are rock waterfalls and falls into Koi ponds. If you have a property with an incline, you may want a waterscape that flows down continuously like a stream. Count on us to install, maintain, and service water capes. When a pump breaks or a pond needs cleaning, this is included in the service package.

Snow Removal

Prevent snow from causing lasting damage to your property. We provide residential snow removal services for sidewalks and driveways. Not only that, but we also offer ice melt treatments. We use a full-size dump truck to remove snow and spread salt for commercial institutions. We offer 24/7 services with annual contracts for our services. Our fleet of vehicles is ready to handle thick snowfall, and we outsource to additional providers who we recommend for a complete, punctual job.

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